North Axholme Academy students enjoy sci-fi week

Year eight pupils of North Axholme Academy in Crowle got to work with published author Mikka Haugaard in a writing workshop recently.
North Axholme Academy's head of English Miss Kilmore.North Axholme Academy's head of English Miss Kilmore.
North Axholme Academy's head of English Miss Kilmore.

They spent the day generating ideas, and writing their very own fantasy story. A spokesman said: “All the students found the day very engaging. The stories the students created will be printed in a collection of short stories and presented to them as a keepsake.”  

The academy also hosted a week dedicated to all things sci-fi. Pupils got the chance to engage in a diverse range of activities across the curriculum.

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Included in the activities were Year nine pupils attending the Vue Cinema to see a private showing of ‘Enders Game’.

All students learnt about dystopias - a story about an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad - in their English lessons, and even wrote their own.

Sci-fi novels such as ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Mazerunner’, and ‘Divergent’ were promoted through the lending library.

Also, an after school film club provided students with the opportunity to watch the film ‘Divergent’ and other subjects incorporated a sci-fi theme to their lessons as well. Pictured during the event is head of English Joanne Kilmore.

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