New photos show meteor fireball blazing through skies over Doncaster

This is the dramatic moment a huge blazing fireball meteor was spotted in the skies over Doncaster as new photos of the celestial sighting emerge.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 11th January 2022, 6:15 am

There have been numerous sighting reported across Yorkshire and the rest of the UK in recent days – and Samantha Howden managed to get some pictures of the meteor using her mobile phone.She said: “I got the photos on 100 x zoom.

"I was just looking in the sky then it appeared like a fireball. I'm pretty sure it was a meteor.”

Photos and videos have captured the moment the meteor was seen blazing across the night sky, with sightings from as far afield as Scotland to the south coast.

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The bright orange meteor fireball was spotted in the skies over Doncaster. (Photo: Samantha Howden).

There were numerous sightings across Yorkshire and Northern England with Hatfield stargazer Anthea Brown among them.

She said: “I had just come home to Hatfield in the car, and as the sky was clear I decided to do a bit of star gazing before I went in the house.

“At approximately 21.40 in the south western sky I saw a flash with a near horizontal trajectory.

"It lasted less than a second and it was orange. At first I thought it was a firework, but there was no sound and the flight was wrong for a firework rocket. I realised that it was probably a meteor.”

Anthea reported the sighting to UK meteor reporting website UKMON – where she discovered dozens of other reports, photos and videos of the fireball.

Meteors are solid pieces of space debris which heat up and burn as they pass through Earth’s atmosphere – and are commonly called shooting stars.