New gig disaster for troubled US rock singer after drink and drugs meltdown at Doncaster concert

A troubled US rock singer who had a drink and drugs fuelled meltdown at a chaotic Doncaster concert has angered fans for a second night after another shambolic performance.

Thursday, 24th March 2016, 6:42 am
Updated Thursday, 24th March 2016, 6:52 am
Wes Scantlin swigs a bottle of Southern Comfort on stage at Diamond Live Lounge. (Photo: Robin Burns).

Wes Scantlin, lead singer of American metal band Puddle Of Mudd was back on stage less than 24 hours after a concert at Doncaster's Diamond Live Lounge where he slurred his way through songs as he swigged a bottle of spirits on stage and boasted to fans about being high on crack cocaine.

The singer, who has been arrested numerous times during a turbulent career, was booed and sworn at by angry fans at the Wood Street venue as the sold-out gig descended into farce.

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin drinks beer during his band's chaotic gig at Diamond Live Lounge. (Photo: Robin Burns).

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WATCH: US rock star booed and sworn at onstage as concert descends into anarchyNow a fresh storm has enveloped Scantlin after another chaotic performance at Swansea's Sin City Club last night.

Promoters had been forced to reassure fans the show would go-ahead after the Doncaster fiasco but although the band, best known for 2001 hit Blurry managed to complete their set, upset fans still took to social media to vent their anger at Scantlin - while others called for him to get help with his drink problem.

Venue apologises for singer's 'distressing' meltdown on stageLinny Smith wrote on Facebook: "Felt very uncomfortable throughout that gig. While there were moments of awesome, I just wanted to storm the stage and give Wes a big cwtch! (Welsh for cuddle).

"And hate to say it, but there was defo a feeling of ' be seeing you ' and 'farewell' to the show. Here's hoping that Wes can take on those demons, but being on the road, I fear that he will just accumulate a few more to keep his current ones company."

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin drinks beer during his band's chaotic gig at Diamond Live Lounge. (Photo: Robin Burns).

Melani Hromin pleaded for the plug to be pulled on the band's current UK tour and wrote: "PLEASE STOP THE TOUR AND HELP WES...!!!! He needs rehab...COME ON, it.s about the life of a guy talking about...!!!"

Leanne Gazi-Morwood sad the group had "barely" got through the whole set while another fan David Anderson said Scantlin had shouted abuse at his girlfriend while drunk.

He posted: "He was a jackass to my girlfriend who simply asked if he was okay because he looked lost. Then he massively got aggressive to a barmaid as she wouldn't serve him as he was drunk. He was saying I'm a f***ing rock star I'll get you fired, and I'll pull the show tonight!"

Another fan tweeted that Scantlin was a "wreck" during the performance and fell onto the stage after climbing onto the drum kit.

The singer shocked fans in Doncaster by drinking Southern Comfort straight from the bottle as well as swigging beer and smoking as he stumbled about the stage, telling the crowd he had been taking crack cocaine.

The Diamond Live Lounge issued a statement apologising for the fiasco while Julie Buckley, the manager of nearby Cask Corner where Scantlin spent time drinking ahead of the concert and posing for photos inside a coffin, pleaded for the star to get help with his "demons."

Pub boss spotted Southern Comfort bottle in star's bagNo one on behalf of Scantlin or Puddle Of Mudd has yet commented on the concert.

The band are now due to perform in Edinburgh tomorrow night on the latest leg of the tour.