Needle spiking: Seven women 'injected with drugs' in Doncaster on Saturday night

A string of women have come forward to say they were the victims of ‘needle spiking’ in Doncaster on Saturday night.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 15th November 2021, 6:14 am

Numerous women have shared details of incidents said to have taken place in pubs and clubs in the town centre across the course of the weekend, with some reporting blackouts and being left violently ill.

One was said to have been taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary by ambulance.

Needle spiking is where the victims believe they were injected with a needle and drugs – often sedatives – are administered without their knowledge.

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Numerous women say they were spiked in Doncaster on Saturday night.

One shared a photo of what appeared to be a needle mark while others reported hospital visits following the 'terrifying’ incidents. There are understood to have been seven separate incidents reported on social media.

In recent months, there have been a spate of needle spiking incidents across the UK as well as growing number of drink spiking cases.

The Free Press has been made aware of a number of incidents said to have taken place in Doncaster on Saturday night.

One victim, sharing a photo of what appears to be a needle mark posted: “Girls, please be really careful when out drinking. Last night I have no memory on what went on out in town.

"I’ve woken up to this on my hip that looks like a needle mark from being injected. Lucky enough, I feel fine, just a bit dizzy but someone might not be next time.”

Another posted: “I went round Doncaster, haven’t found an injection mark but my night was a blur – all over the place.

“When I got home I could barely stand, I spewed everywhere and slept for 10 hours and today I’m non stop vomiting and going very shaky, wobbly, keep burning up and falling asleep.”

A third woman posted: “Last night I went out in Doncaster and have no memory of anything from ten onwards.

"When I did get home I spewed everywhere, talking absolute nonsense. It turns out I’ve been spiked, injected in my hip and feel absolutely c***.

"Just want all girls to be aware. Why do people think its okay to take your independence away – it’s traumatised me, I don’t wanna go out anymore.”

In reply, a fourth wrote: “Hey lovely, I was spiked last night too.”

Another wrote: “A girl I know was the seventh to be in from being spiked.”

Some of those who say they have been targeted reported attending hospital over fears of HIV and hepatitis from potentially contaminated and shared needles.

There are renewed safety fears for women following multiple reports they are being spiked by needles in nightclubs across the UK.

So far, police forces in Nottingham, Leeds and Edinburgh are investigating more than a dozen ‘terrifying’ incidents of women being injected with a drug.

Since then, a number of women, most of which are students, have claimed they were attacked with needles while clubbing in widely-shared posts on social media.

Police in Nottingham, Leeds and Scotland have been investigating cases of spiking.

We have contacted both South Yorkshire Police and Doncaster Royal Infirmary for details.