The neat rows of crosses could be a war cemetery in France – but this is a scene in Doncaster

The neat rows of crosses could be a war cemetery in France – but this is a scene in Balby, Doncaster.

By David Kessen
Tuesday, 5th November 2019, 8:26 pm

Cubs in the 1st/36th St Peter's Warmsworth Scout Group have created a memorial to those from the local area killed during World War One and World War Two in the church grounds outside their scout hut.

In addition to their usual parade to Warmsworth Cenotaph, they have made what they have called their Field of Remembrance on the green space to the side of the scout hut, which is in the grounds of St Peters Church, Balby, locally known as The White Church.

The field contains 137, white crosses.

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War memorial tribute in Balby, Doncaster

Each cross represents a fallen serviceman from both world wars who came from the parishes of Warmsworth and Edlington, and each cross is marked with their name and unit.

Scout leader Shaun McDermott, akela for the group, said: “We’re hoping to also illuminate the field during hours of darkness to create an ambient atmosphere for contemplation.

He said the project has had fantastic support from a number of local organisations, and all of the scouts young members played their part in the creation of the field.

He said they felt it was a fitting and poignant tribute to people killed in the wars, where members of both parishes, and the wider community will visit to reflect on the sacrifices made by those men and their families.

The Field of Remembrance was formally opened on Sunday November 3, and will remain open for public viewing over the remembrance period.

“We do hope that visitors from both Warmsworth & Edlington, and the wider community will take the time to visit, and enjoy our Field of Remembrance,” added Mr McDermott.

It is one of a number of tributes to those lost in the wars, ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

In Askern, local resident Helen Murphy has created a mural, with embroidered poppy heads carrying the names of those on the town’s roll of honour who lost their lives in the two world wars, as well as mining disasters.

It will be displayed at Alexander House, Askern, and used as the backgroup for a service of remembrance.