My View, Bill Morrison: We need to set a good example to young youths

An interesting conversation among '˜the grey brigade' took place over coffee and it was all about manners.

Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 11:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 12:04 pm
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visits Doncaster as part of the 'Remain' campaign Picture Scott Merrylees

A particular early morning television presenter was at the heart of it all.

This presenter will shout down anyone, talk over them and butt in when there is no need too.

The only view is his and of course that makes it right.

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Now the point I am making is this: How can we criticise the younger generation for not having any social graces when these so-called role models cannot conduct themselves with a little more dignity?

I understand that presenters have a job to do – but when the only voice you hear is theirs they are not doing their job.

In our considered opinion they are right up there with the overpaid and often overrated young footballers of today.

Collectively they don’t do themselves or their generation any favours.

Not all TV presenters and footballers fall into this category but sadly those who do grab the headlines.

Now the dust has settled, referendum wise, we can all look forward to a future of grand promises of prosperity, or doom, with a bit of Armageddon to spice it all up.

Politicians, listen up, the masses have spoken. Start thinking Britain.

You have had your orders now get on with it...

The democratic process has determined the way forward and you, our elected representatives, will now get on with doing it.

Let it be lesson learned by all parties - you ignore public opinion at your peril.

Talking about the democratic way, what is happening with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party?

Noises have been made about using the party machine to oust anti-Jezza MPs via the selection process.

Very democratic is that.

Brings back memories of Shirley Williams, David Owen, Roy Jenkins and Bill Rodgers. And it can happen again. 1981 may seem like a long time ago but in the current political climate it could be yesterday.

Now on to the Tories. They have had their fight. Some are still sulking and others calling foul, but the die is cast and now let the dance begin.

I suspect, kitten heels or not, Teresa May will not be a pussy cat. It would not surprise us if she becomes known as Maggie May.

We discussed Boris.

Nice chap and probably great fun at a party but in his current role?

Time will tell if he can convince the world he is a serious player.

One thing for sure is he will need a big spoon and a lot of custard for that humble pie of apologies he will have to make in view of his many remarks.