More than half of Doncaster people say they will do this to help save the planet...

Almost 60 per cent of Doncaster residents say they are prepared to make big lifestyle changes to fight climate change.

By Sally.Burton1
Friday, 29th March 2019, 1:55 pm
Traffic pollution
Traffic pollution

In a nation-wide survey by Modular Classrooms, 59 per cent of people living in Doncaster said they are ready to help by eating less meat or by using their cars less .

This is two per cent above the national average of 57 per cent.

One good statistic to emerge from the survey is that people are determined that the next generation, who are more likely to experience consequences of global warming, contribute to saving the planet.

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Seventy-eight per cent of parents believe it is important for their children to be educated on sustainability and how to preserve the environment.

Modular Classrooms asked parents when the ideal age is for children to start learning about these issues, and how to combat them in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Over all, the majority of Doncaster parents felt nursery and reception, aged three to five, is the most appropriate time to start to teach children about the environment.

In other parts of the country such as the South East, however, parents feel it would be more useful if children waited until they were at years three to six , age seven to 11, before introducing the subject.