Lovestruck female commuter's bid to track down 'lovely' South Yorkshire bus driver

An early morning South Yorkshire commuter has launched an appeal to track down a 'lovely' bus driver.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 09 June, 2016, 14:06
Is love set to blossom aboard the X78 bus?

The woman has made her plea through the pages of a national newspaper after jumping aboard the X78 service between Doncaster and Sheffield on Wednesday morning.

Writing in this morning's Rush Hour Crush section in Metro newspaper, where "commuter cupids" too shy to declare their love in public can make pleas to track down people they fancy, "Kathryn" of Rotherham wrote: "To the lovely driver of the X78 who picked me up at 6am on Wednesday morning. You made my day. Hope to see you soon."

According to the Travel South Yorkshire time table, one X78 service picks up at Rotherham Interchange at around that time.

The woman is the latest local to attempt to find love through the newspaper.

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In April, a "curly-haired brunette" launched a plea to track down a "Hot Italian looking guy" after spotting him on the number 95 Walkley bus in Sheffield.

Some readers thought the gesture was romantic and sweet - while others branded her a stalker and homewrecker.