Looking into the problem of potholes in Doncaster

Plummeting temperatures are a cause for concern for many reasons - as the cold snap hits, residents face health fears and heating worries.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 23rd January 2016, 11:00 am

And for the region’s motorists, one major issue is the damage icy conditions can cause to our roads.

These concerns were highlighted this week as website www.streetrepairs.co.uk held its second National Pothole Day 2016.

The site is a geographically driven centralised forum where drivers can report those annoying defects.

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Potholes are a depression or hollow in a road surface caused by wear or subsidence.

Site owner Colin Mahoney said: “The reaction to the first National Pothole Day was overwhelming. Reports of potholes increased dramatically with over 88 per cent of reports now relating directly to potholes and increasing the awareness nationally of the seriousness of the problems and potential dangers relating to the disrepair of our roads.”

Peter Dale, Doncaster Council’s Director of Regeneration and Environment, said: “On average it costs the council around £11 per pothole, although it can be more or less depending on how many we fill within an area at one time.

“To report a pothole please do so via the MyDoncaster app or call 01302 736000; we need to know the location as well as approximate size and depth of the hole.


“We aim to repair potholes within five working days of receiving reports.”

We asked our readers via social media to let us know about roads in their area, and here is what they had to say about the problem of potholes across Doncaster:

Alison Taylor - The road from Oldcoates to Dinnington....Bassetlaw council have done their stretch but Doncaster side is horrendous.

Curt Davies - Minneymoor Lane in Conisbrough, people were driving down it to avoid the road works, it’s that bad most of them only ever did it once.


Jakub Kuba EL - Whole of Beckett Road on Wheatley, Exeter Road, Norwich Road, Winchester Ave... I think they’ve never been repaired...

Jo-louise Martin - Dryden Road in Balby! And if it’s going to snow all the old ones that were repaired will be reappearing soon

Claire Bayes - The carpark in Asda Carcroft is bad,(council owned land) they filled 1 hole in but more appeared plus the 1 they fixed

Mark Heard - Coppice Road Highfields - don’t know how many times its been filled in and keeps reappearing with vengeance bringing a few more with it each time, are they going to pay for the damage it causes our vehicles?


Gary Jackson - you should drive round Sheffield, Donny ain’t all that bad.

Nick French - Middle Lane at Holme... Now used as a rat run with Fordstead Road closed... No Tarmac left just stone and more mud as everyone seems to drive on the grass verge.

Kath Bann Carr - Oak Rd Mexborough. Within weeks of been filled in they reappear but worse.

Kirk Thomas Williams - Cantley Everingham Road outside Cooplands. Popped my tyre and nearly caused an accident. I have asked for a complaints form from the council for the damage caused to my car and they haven’t even bothered to send one to my home address. Next step is small claims court. Council are one massive joke.

Vivienne ‘Viv’ Bell - I reported ours online and they emailed me an insurance form even though I didn’t ask for one.