Liberal Democrats unveil Doncaster General Election candidates

These are the three Lib Dem candidates bidding to win Doncaster’s three parliamentary seats at the forthcoming General Election.

Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 7:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 9:50 pm
Paul Horton, Mark Alcock and Joe Otten will all contest Doncaster for the Liberal Democrats.
Paul Horton, Mark Alcock and Joe Otten will all contest Doncaster for the Liberal Democrats.

Joe Otten, Mark Alcock and Paul Horton have all been selected by Jo Swinson's party to contest the December 12 poll.

Mark Alcock will contest Don Valley, Paul Horton will be standing in Doncaster Central and Joe Otten will be attempting to win the Doncaster North seat.

Mark has been working with Liberal Democrat campaigners on local issues impacting Don Valley and is also campaigning to stop Brexit – as he says the impact will seriously damage Doncaster.

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He said: “This election will be a de facto referendum on Brexit.

“The voters of Don Valley, Doncaster and the UK are sick and tired of Brexit and just want an end to Brexit.

“In this election the choices are vote Lib Dem and on achieving a majority government, we would on day one revoke article 50 and put an end to Brexit.

“The Conservatives will either spend the next three to five years negotiating the final Brexit deal or take the UK out of the EU without a deal, which will cause untold damage to our lives.

“Labour will go to the EU and negotiate another deal then hold a referendum and campaign against their deal.”

Married with three children, four grandchildren and two cats, he works for Sky TV and has a record of campaigning on the environment, housing, saving the NHS, more and better policing and fighting against fracking.

Meanwhile, Mr Horton has lived in South Yorkshire since 1992 and has worked across the region including a spell working in Askern.

Paul has run his own business for 15 years, supporting, fixing and growing small and medium sized businesses.

His experience of trading in the EU, US and the Middle East has convinced him that Brexit will shackle Britain’s businesses with many unnecessary burdens.

Paul’s wife works in the NHS in Rotherham looking after patients with dementia and he is aware of how under-funded certain sectors of the NHS are – for instance how lack of good training in dementia care is hurting some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Paul believes in the UK and the EU – he wants a strong United Kingdom within a strong European Union and believes that Britain’s membership of the EU is the best way to keep the UK together.

Paul is married with 3 children.