Isle residents can get involved in developing health services

Caroline Briggs - Director of Commissioning at NHS North Lincolnshire CCG.Caroline Briggs - Director of Commissioning at NHS North Lincolnshire CCG.
Caroline Briggs - Director of Commissioning at NHS North Lincolnshire CCG.
Some things really matter to all of us and more than 90 people recently attended an event to help us improve or develop new health services in North Lincolnshire.

North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wants to make sure local people get more involved in their own wellbeing, whether it’s taking care of themselves so they can be healthier and feel better or having their say about how we design the care they and their families might need.

Health Matters 2 (this follows an event earlier this year) brought together a number of different local health and social care organisations to talk about some of their plans, answer questions and – most importantly – listen to people’s experiences and views.

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Caroline Briggs (pictured), CCG Director of Commissioning, explained: “There was a real buzz at the event. It’s very exciting that people with lived experience of using the services we plan and design are willing to challenge us and explain why they think some things will work and other things won’t. We all know health funding isn’t keeping pace with demand and spending NHS money wisely on quality, fit-for-purpose services that we can keep providing for future generations has to be something that we are all involved in together.”

People were able to have their say on issues such as non-emergency patient transport services, talk to us about services we are planning to help people with health and mobility problems to live independently, mental health services, services delivered over seven days and how people with long term conditions such as chronic wounds/leg ulcers and respiratory conditions are supported. There was also an update on Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures, which is looking at how we can develop an improved health and wellbeing system across the whole of Northern Lincolnshire that can continue to deliver safe, quality and affordable services that are built around people, for years to come.

Healthwatch asked people about their experiences of accessing GP appointments in North Lincolnshire and there were also representatives from public health, the council’s adult services team, the carers advisory group, our local mental health trust (RDaSH) and the trust that runs Scunthorpe Hospital (NLaG) to talk about some of their plans and answer your questions.

If you were not able to attend the event, there are still plenty of ways to be involved in health and wellbeing in North Lincolnshire. One way is to become a member of Embrace, our patient network. To find out more you can ring 0300 3000 567 or visit our website