Isle ‘gang threat’ alarm

Isle parents are warned to be on guard, following a vicious attack on a Crowle schoolgirl.

By Sally Burton
Thursday, 20th February 2014, 9:44 am

Fourteen-year old Georgia Dean was invited over social media to meet a girl, then was set upon in a vile attack that left her bruised and distressed.

After being lured to a spot near Church Lane, Georgia was ‘jumped’ by several youths with scarves around their faces and hoods concealing their heads. She had her hair pulled, was pushed to the ground and kicked in the stomach, before she managed to get up and flee.

The Saturday evening trauma followed incidents at The Axholme Academy, where Georgia is a pupil. Police have interviewed several pupils as part of an ongoing investigation.

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Rachel Dean, Georgia’s mother, is sickened by her daughter’s experience and wants to warn others about the “gang threat.”

Mrs Dean, 36, said: “I put what happened up on Facebook and got a flood of comments from parents whose own kids have suffered bullying. Georgia told me about the message she got - it was about 8pm, but she said she knew the girl. She said the girl asked her to walk up an alleyway with her, then she was jumped by others who were hiding behind an electricity box.

“A woman who lives on Church Lane saw Georgia run away crying. Her coat was on the floor.

“She was in a real state when she got home, bruised and very shaken,” said her mum. “I want to warn parents this can happen. Our children are in danger.”

At school, her daughter has been called names and pushed against walls and lockers, said Mrs Dean: “Some days she’s scared to walk home. I know she keeps things from me. It’s getting worse around Crowle. It doesn’t feel a safe place to be.”

Following her ordeal, Georgia returned to school for two days, then took time off due to feeling ill.

“Cyber-bullying is always a problem. It goes on every day,” added Mrs Dean.

The headteacher of The Axholme Academy, Joe Sellars, said: “We have an open attitude as regards bullying. All schools experience it from time to time and if we become aware of anything we act quickly.

“Ofsted noted in their recent inspection that we have effective procedures in place. Our dedicated pastoral team is always here for students.

“Incidents can happen out of school hours, and we work with the police and other agencies. This week is Internet safety week and I have taken an assembly on that subject.

“Social media can be used wrongly. We constantly highlight the message that every young person has rights, that include not to be bullied. Unfortunately Facebook can escalate issues. We will always work with parents and children to resolve differences and have means of monitoring behaviour around school, including CCTV provision.”

A spokesman for Humberside police said that they received reports of an assault close to the church in Crowle. He added: “Investigations are underway to establish the details of the incident.”