In the Saddle: Where on Earth is spring?

Where on earth is spring? We seem to be having more snow and rain than we did in winter.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th April 2018, 11:56 am
Updated Monday, 16th April 2018, 12:01 pm

We have just put our equestrian property up for sale as apparently spring is the best time to go up for sale (that’s if it ever arrives!).

Our home and land were originally fine for one horse when I just had my mare April, but then as we collected more horses it has become a bit of a squeeze on the grazing side of things.

We’ve been getting our beautiful Edwardian farmhouse ready for sale and it’s going to really be a sad move, but unless I sell a horse then it is not fair to restrict grazing in the winter (and I’m not about to sell a horse!). So, here we are approaching spring (allegedly) and hoping something equally as lovely comes up for sale in the Isle.

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I have filled the boot room with rosettes, horse rugs and a humongous coat and riding boot collection which drives the husband crazy. I’ll be having to declutter horse and house things over the next few weeks. I’ve a stack of rugs outgrown by my yearling which I need to advertise.

Poor Jackie in Paul Fox has had me rewriting brochures and obsessively checking all photos.

She’s been brilliant though and has plenty of experience selling houses and dealing with control freak clients I’m sure.

Looking at equestrian property on the Isle though it is a fortune and prices have really risen over the years.

When it does come to the crunch time of selling I have no idea how you move your house things plus livestock.

April, the largest mare, travels alone only in the trailer so I’ve been looking up equestrian companies that move horses for you too.

I’m more than likely going to use the same company who transported Sully to me as a foal as they were excellent.

If you would like to view contact Jackie on 01427 339100 for a viewing.

In the meantime can we please see the start of spring.