In the Saddle: It couldn't get more scary

It's been a tough few weeks at home with the horses, as our pony was brought in from the field with a suspected fracture to her leg.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th April 2018, 12:12 pm
Updated Monday, 16th April 2018, 12:16 pm

Immediately I got the other two horses in and rang my husband on the landline for help.

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Together it took ages for us to get poor Mara the pony in from the field. She was dog leg lame on her right foreleg (right front leg) and seemed to have lost use from her fetlock down.

Whilst bringing her in we were on the phone to the emergency vet who were soon on their way. They arrived within 45 minutes and assessed her immediately. Her temperature was up and so was her heart rate which signified pain, but you could see that from how little she wanted to move and held her leg. Silvia, from Moorhouse vets, was fantastic. Calling the team back at the practice and ordering the X-ray machine to be dispatched fearing a fracture. It couldn’t get more scary.

The X-rays were inconclusive and we were referred up to the Rainbow Equine Hospital to a consultant who also couldn’t confirm if it was a fracture or not, so Mara was strapped with a fence post as a splint and was box rested and cross tied, which meant her head had her head tied either side to stop her moving and laying down.This meant every four hours we had to go and untie her one side and lower her head, as horses are not meant to stay with their heads up for that length of time. They can drown in their lungs.It was a harrowing six days. We were exhausted through the night but my husband and I worked together to get her well. The vet was out nearly every day and in touch by text. They are a fantastic practice. The all clear was given to Mara and we were all relieved and delighted to see it wasn’t a fracture but a ligament pull. We have been very, very lucky and with the right rest and in a small ‘hospital paddock’, Mara will fully recover. Thanks to everyone who supported us.s time.