"I'd like to watch it myself again!" Doncaster Big Brother star "Randy" Mandy Longworth reveals all about THAT sex tape

Doncaster Big Brother star Mandy Longworth has revealed that she'd like to watch a sex tape she made of herself twenty years ago - and reckons she'd give a better performance now.

Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 5:15 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th June 2017, 1:38 pm
Doncaster mum Mandy Longworth and her daughter Charlotte Keys.

The divorced 51-year-old mum of two, who became the first contestant to be evicted from this year's Channel 5 show, has been dubbed "Randy" Mandy after she revealed to housemates on the show that she had once made an X-rated sex tape which was then leaked and shared across Doncaster.

But Doncaster-born antiques dealer Mandy has brushed off her saucy past and says she's not bothered if the video resurfaces in the wake of her appearance on the show.

Mandy's stay on Big Brother was a short one.

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She said: "Listen, everyone has done it and I'd actually quite like to see it again myself.

"I'm not bothered about it resurfacing, I gave a good performance - but I think I'd give an even better performance now!"

The raunchy tape was recorded with the father of her daughter Charlotte Keys, 24, who is also appearing as a contestant on this year's series but who also faces eviction from the house this Friday.

The film was taken from the couple's home by a painter and decorator and then copied and shared round local pubs.

The pair were separated after just five days in the house together.

She said: "It was on VHS video, that's how long ago it was. I was 31, he was 34 and we were both adults.

"I'm not bothered that it is out there. Some people get off on stuff like that. I would say to girls out there, be careful though - don't do them if you don't want them coming out."

Mandy, who helped set up and run Bawtry's Cooper and Griffin pub, now known as Bawtry's Bar and Brasserie with her ex-husband as well as a pub in Retford, has also said the "Randy Mandy" tag doesn't bother her and added: "I'm happy with it. People my age get written off as has beens. I'm reigniting my sexuality as an older woman again.

"But I'm not interested in younger men. It's sweet and nice that they are interested in me, but I am after something age appropriate," she said.

Charlotte is also facing eviction this Friday.

Mandy and Charlotte decided to apply for the show after Mandy's divorce was finalised last year and the pair found out they had been picked to appear about six weeks ahead of the show being broadcast.

She said: "Charlotte and I very close so we applied together as it was something to do together. We thought we were going in as a couple but it was only when we went into the house for the first time that we realised that we were up against each other."

And the pair's time in the house together was short - Mandy was given the boot on Friday after being evicted by fellow housemate Tom.

She said: "It sucks to be out so quickly and it hurts because it wasn't by public vote. Tom had an edge about him that I didn't like - he's cocky and egotistical and because he didn't get a smile from Charlotte - he's not her type - that was that."

Mandy's stay on Big Brother was a short one.

Added Mandy, who was evicted in Friday's live show: "It was lovely when I came out to cheers. You don't want people changing their opinion of you inside the house."

She said her highlight of the show was a "pretty damn sexy" lap dance from fellow housemate Lotan and added: "I can't complain. People would pay hundreds for that."

Mandy, who now lives in Retford, is backing her daughter Charlotte, a London-based estate agent to win the show and said: "She's not got a game plan like the others.

"She's not kicking off and doing daft stuff or getting into rows. She seems happy and fine without me in there.

"It is weird though because we applied so we could spend more time together and now we are spending even less time together. I can't even contact her. I want to text her and I can't.

"I can see her, but can't touch her. It's strange."

The pair were separated after just five days in the house together.

Since exiting the house, Mandy says she has been innundated with calls and texts from friends and her other daughter, Harriet, 18, has been her biggest supporter.

"Everyone has been very positive," she said. "Harriet is glad to have me back and she's not embarrassed in the slightest about all the sex tape stuff.

"The neighbours have been great and my friends have been the same as they've always been. I've had the same group of girl friends for 25 years and they've been great about it all."

Charlotte is also facing eviction this Friday.