Hunt is launched as 5ft snake goes on the loose after escaping in Doncaster

A hunt is underway for a 5ft snake thought to be on the loose in Doncaster after escaping from a family’s home.

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 1:07 pm

The bright orange Amel cornsnake has gone missing in the Moorends area – and its owner is appealing for people to keep a look out for the reptile.

Vicky Lay says the eight-year-old snake, called Raptor, does not pose a threat to people and animals and she is keen to get the family pet back home for her autistic 6-year-old son.

She said: “I've had doors and windows open so he could be outside. I'm hoping he's in the house somewhere but I've just pulled it all apart and still can't find him.

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Bright orange corn snake Raptor has gone missing in Doncaster.

"I promise you, he doesn’t bite, he will not kill you or your cat, dog or bunny.

"The most this snake can handle is a mouse and he's fully grown."

Vicky says the snake is the “thickness of a 2p piece” and is “docile.”

Raptor is missing in the Barnsley Road area of Moorends.

She added: "I cannot stress enough that the snake does not pose a danger to you or your children.

"We just want him home. He's been through so much - we took him in as a rescue and he has made an amazing recovery.

"When winter comes, that'll be it for him.

“My son is aware that he is missing and occasionally says 'Raptor is hiding'.

"But to avoid a meltdown I've told him Raptor is paying hide and seek with mummy, so I need to find him ASAP.

Anyone with information or sightings can contact Vicky through Facebook HERE