Homes evacuated in Conisbrough after last night's floods across Doncaster

Homes had to be evacuated in Conisbrough last night as floodwater entered their homes.

By David Kessen
Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 1:41 pm

Around 15 houses on Duftons Close were flooded last night, and Conisbrough Library and Denaby TARA opened up until the early hours to provide somewhere for residents to go.

It is understood most of those affected spend the night with family or friends.

Burcroft Hill was also affected by the the floods, as the River Don flooded.

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Flooding in Conisbrough

Doncaster Councillor for Conisbrough, Lani Mae Ball, said she was out most of the night helping residents.

She said: “Some of the main roads have opened up now, but things are still bad around Burcroft Hill and Duftons Close, where water was coming round the back. It has been terrible and it’s been a real tragedy for the people who have been affected.

“We had the library open last night, as well as the TARA bungalow.

“But the community has come out to support each other. We had people out manning an inflatable barrier at Low Road last night. It has been inspiring how people have come together.”

Flooding at Duftons Close, Conisbrough