Fury after new HS2 report reveals '˜more Doncaster homes and green spaces' are set for the bulldozer

Doncaster councillors have reacted with outrage after a new report on HS2 shows more homes are set to be demolished in Mexborough than initially proposed

Previously, HS2 bosses said 19 homes were to be pulled down - the majority on the Shimmer estate to make way for a railway viaduct crossing over the River Don.

But a new Working Draft Environmental Statement shows 52 homes on the Shimmer estate are set to be bulldozed along with eight on nearby Doncaster Road.

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Coun Sean GibbonsCoun Sean Gibbons
Coun Sean Gibbons

Further north of Mexborough, documents show two homes on Ludwell Hill in Barnburgh and one on Top Lane in Clayton would also be pulled down.

The report states this would result in '˜major adverse effect' on residents.  

But HS2 bosses hit back and said they've been '˜very clear' the plan '˜would continue to evolve'. 

Mexborough First councillor Sean Gibbons said he was '˜livid' at the detail in the report and added he has been '˜proved right' after he raised suspicions the initial estimate was underplayed.  

He also accused HS2 bosses of '˜lying' to residents.

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Document show work on the River Don viaduct is hoped to begin by late 2024.

The structure is said to be 803m in length and up to 19m in height above existing ground level, crossing over Denaby Lane, the Sheffield toDoncaster railway line, the River Don, the the A6023 Doncaster Road and Pastures Road.

A noise fence barrier is set to be located west of the route of the proposed scheme - 800m in length and up to 3m in height.

Another noise fence barrier, east of the route of the proposed route, is set to 510m in length and up to 3m in height, to provide '˜acoustic screening' for properties in Mexborough and Denaby Main.

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Around '˜41 per cent' of Denaby Wood is also being flattened to make way for ground works in Old Denaby.

The construction of Mexborough cutting and associated works also would result in the permanent loss of around '˜25 per cent' of amenity green space, off Clayfield View.

Coun Gibbons said: 'We're absolutely livid because obviously we know they've been lying about this all along.

'The demolitions, which have been well documented said there were 16 homes coming down on the Shimmer estate, 19 in Mexborough in total and now the lies have been exposed.

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'This is a key part of the process to change the route from Meadowhall to the M18 line based on it being less damaging to the community and it's not

- it's a complete load of rubbish. They've been drip feeding information and they're kidding the residents, us as councillors and everyone else.

'I've questioned the number of demolitions all along but this just puts my suspicions into reality in black and white.

'They've known all along the original figure was wrong - it's not rocket science to know that there is more than 16 homes coming down if they're going to put this humongous viaduct over it.'

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An HS2 Ltd spokesperson said: 'We absolutely refute this claim. We have always been very clear that our early plans for the railway would continue to evolve.

'Yesterday we published new information outlining the land required to support construction of the railway as it travels through Mexborough. This does represent an increase in the number of properties required and we have always been clear that this would be the case.'

'We are committed to supporting individuals impacted by our proposals and our community engagement team in Yorkshire will continue to work closely with residents in Mexborough and the wider Doncaster area. 

'We will be offering one to one appointments to all impacted homeowners to explain the property compensation and support schemes available to them.'