Food Review: Sugar, London Road, Sheffield

Sheffield's first all-pudding café is sure to get its just '˜desserts' and give a Sugar rush

Wednesday, 28th September 2016, 12:11 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 12:53 pm
Sugar London Road Sheffield
Sugar London Road Sheffield

The best part of the meal is dessert.

If that sentence made you scoff with derision, then Sugar on London Road might not be your favourite place.

Sugar London Road Sheffield

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But if, like myself, the name of the place alone has you salivating with saccharine anticipation, you will absolutely love this dessert café.

Sugar sidesteps the starter and main course and goes right to the puddings.

And what desserts. If you like your sweet treats, this place is literally a dream come true.

The eatery offers waffles, pancakes, sundaes, home-made cakes and milkshakes, as well as hot cookie dough and various tarts.

Sugar London Road Sheffield

We went for a selection: roche waffles – effectively four hot waffles draped in melted praline chocolate, served with a side of ice cream and cream.

The delightfully melty chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to the fluffy, light waffles.

The cookie dough is sinfully indulgent.

The dish of hot, raw dough was incredibly filling and just the right side of salty as well as sweet.

Sugar London Road Sheffield

The strawberry delight pancakes are the perfect palate cleanser between the two: a light and supple pancake peppered with fresh strawberries.

Opened in January, Sugar was the first all-dessert bar in Sheffield – but two more have since followed, says owner and manager Saina Khan.

“There was nothing else like this when we opened, and that’s why I wanted to create it. The vision was to have a mixed environment and I think it’s really mixed in terms of people who come in now.

“You might come in as a family with your kids or just a group of friends. Since we opened, it has just spread through word of mouth and Instagram and Snapchat.”

Sugar London Road Sheffield

Sugar has a strong Asian clientele and doesn’t serve alcohol – but its customers do enjoy the ‘Mocktails’ on offer – virgin versions of popular tipples, served with sugar round the glass rim, of course.

Our three courses came to about £20 including soft drinks, with each dessert priced around £5-6.

There’s no indication of the calorie content – but let’s just say you won’t get many options suited to a diet plan.

Inside, it’s a clean, white modern look with luxurious seating and a minimalist, monochrome look, befitting, Saina says, an ever-improving London Road.

“London Road is coming up in terms of food and restaurants. It’s a really vibrant place.”

Sugar, open from4pm to 11pm seven days a week, might have competition from other dessert bars, but it’s selection, along with fair pricing, means this place takes the cake right now for dessert lovers in Sheffield.