Five South Yorkshire shops fail knife test purchase operation


Police have taken action against five shops after they sold knives illegally to underage customers.

Police visited 19 premises in Dinnington, Maltby, Swinton and Rotherham town centre yesterday as part of a test purchase operation.

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Five stores failed by selling the blades to underage customers and shopkeepers have now been invited to attend a knife crime awareness course.

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The day of action was part of the wider Operation Sceptre this week to crackdown on knife crime across South Yorkshire.

Chief Superintendent Rob Odell said: “It was pleasing to see our borough-wide operation result in the majority of shop staff showing an awareness of the law restricting knife sales, but five of those tested by our officers failed the test purchase, which is a cause for concern.

"Those who sold to under 18's will now undertake a knife crime awareness course. It is imperative that they understand the potential consequences of their actions.”