Fishing jetties installed to ‘make lake safer’

Work has started to install fishing jetties at Askern Lake, in a bid to keep users of the site safer.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 11:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 11:33 am
Construction of the fishing pegs at Askern Lake

Builders have moved in to start work on constructing what will be small jetties next to the bank of the lake, near the main Askern High Street.

It will mean anglers can use those rather than the banks of the lake on the east of the lake, near the cafe.

Construction of the fishing pegs at Askern Lake

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Mayor of Askern Francis Jackson said: “We’re putting the fishing pegs all along the west bank of the lake.

“There are not on the footpath, so it will mean that people who are fishing in the lake will not interfere with people who may be walking on the footpath or using the facilities.

“It means people are not casting their lines on the path, which we felt was not a good idea, and it means that people will not be falling over them.

“We are trying to bring harmony to the users of the lake.”

Construction of the fishing pegs at Askern Lake

He said the three fishing jetties, known by anglers as pegs, would be free, and the only items for which there was a charge on the lake would remain the rowing boats.

In addition, a number of new fish have been added to the lake.

Mr Jackson said fish had been moved there from the Doncaster Dome, where fish were removed from the pond which was behind the leisure centre. The pond has been removed to make way for a cycling track which is now under construction at the venue.

Meanwhile, Askern Town Council has put its annual precept up £5 a year for band D properties.

Mr Jackson said the council had to put the bill up because they had lost central funding.

He added: “Askern Town Council does a lot for the community with events, and running and maintaining the lake. We’re also one of the few areas with a public toilet, looked after by the town council.”

Last year the precept, money added to the council tax to pay for town council functions, fell in Askern, he added.