Farm staff welcome cute new ducklings

A North Lincolnshire farm has welcomed two cute and furry ducklings who were born after staff lovingly cared for the eggs for 28 days.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 3:16 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 3:21 pm
One of the ducklings at Pink Pig Farm

The Runner ducklings affectionately named Wiggle and Waddle by customers are set to delight visitors to The Pink Pig Farm.

The two new additions to the farm were born after being incubated in the play barn with the eggs being turned twice a day by staff.

Wiggle and Waddle the ducklings at Pink Pig Farm

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In the farms quest to educate children about animals, their care, life cycles and best practices, the team decided to incubate and rear the runner ducklings giving the children a first-hand insight into how ducklings are born.

Ben the ops manager said: “When I informed the playbarn team that they were all set to become parents, they looked a little shocked, but as soon as the eggs arrived they took like ducks to water (excuse the pun) and really went above and beyond to rear the ducklings.

“We love the fact we’re in a unique position to be able to show customers things such as this and we frequently rear caterpillars and release the butterfly’s with children, it’s a really engaging way for them to learn about animals.”

It wasn’t all smooth sailing when the ducklings were born. The first egg hatched successfully and Waddle was fighting fit but Wiggle took a further full day to hatch.

Wiggle and Waddle the ducklings at Pink Pig Farm

Wiggle was a lot weaker and was kept in the incubator for a further 24 hours.

After lots of care from the animal team, Wiggle was out of the woods and could join his brother Waddle in the small animal handling area.

The Pink Pig team then used the power of social media to ask people to suggest names for the cute little ducklings.

You can now meet the ducklings at The Pink Pig Farm, in Scunthorpe in the small animal handling area.

The team hope the ducklings will become used to humans so that they can join the daily animal handling sessions at the farm.