Extra chance to have say on Lincolnshire council boundaries

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England has opened a new phase of public consultation in its review of Lincolnshire County Council's electoral division boundaries.

The consultation focuses on new proposals for division boundaries represented by county councillors in North Kesteven, South Kesteven, South Holland and West Lindsey districts.

Local people have until June 6 to have their say on the proposals before the Commission finalises its recommendations for new electoral divisions for the whole county.

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Earlier this year, the Commission held a public consultation on proposals for new division boundaries across Lincolnshire. The Commission has listened to the views put to it during consultation and now proposes to make changes to the plans to reflect local evidence. Due to the significance of the proposed changes in four districts, the Commission is opening an extra phase of consultation in those areas to see what local people think of the new recommendations.

The consultation is limited to the Commission’s new proposals in North Kesteven, South Kesteven, South Holland and West Lindsey. Details of the recommendations, including maps of the proposals, are available on the Commission’s website at www.lgbce.org.uk or at the dedicated review page for the electoral review of Lincolnshire at {http://www.lgbce.org.uk/current-reviews/east-midlands/lincolnshire/lincolnshire-county-council|Click here|Click here)

Professor Colin Mellors, Chair of the Commission, said: “We listened carefully to all the views put to us on new electoral division boundaries earlier this year and have made changes to the original recommendations. We are now asking local people to have their say on the revised proposals for North Kesteven, South Kesteven, South Holland and West Lindsey.

“There were some strong arguments made to us that an alternative pattern of divisions in the four districts might better reflect local community interests and identities. That is why we have changed our recommendations and we are now putting them forward for consultation.

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“We are asking local people to log on to our website to tell us what they think about these proposals before we publish final recommendations for the whole county in August 2016.”

Residents can have their say in writing:

The Review Officer (Lincolnshire)


14th floor, Millbank Tower

London SW1P 4QP