Extinction Rebellion activist urges others to join the fight to save the planet and says ‘we are abusing mother earth’

Emma in her fairy costume.Emma in her fairy costume.
Emma in her fairy costume.
Coordinator of Doncaster’s branch of Extinction Rebellion Emma Plant believes that people should be doing as much as possible to reduce their environmental impact.

Emma Plant, aged 24, from Barby Dunn is an environmental activist and part of the group Extinction Rebellion (ER).

She said: “I’m fighting for the world we are a political social justice group.

“We are regular people who want to see change.

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Earings made by Terra Flux Creations.Earings made by Terra Flux Creations.
Earings made by Terra Flux Creations.

“We are powerful no matter what the powers at be want us to think.”

ER are a worldwide group which started in the UK - Emma is a coordinator of the Doncaster section.

Emma has had a passion for the environment her whole life but it was a sad event which started her activist path.

She said: “It was really brought home to me when my dog killed a rabbit.

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Necklace by Terra Flux CreationsNecklace by Terra Flux Creations
Necklace by Terra Flux Creations

“I saw the light in the rabbit's eyes go out and that gave me a lot of trauma.”

Now Emma attends ER protests regularly both in Doncaster and up and down the country.

“We don’t realise how much effect we have in the world,” Emma continued.

“We are abusing mother earth – we are abusing ourselves.

Fidget spinners by Terra Flux Creations.Fidget spinners by Terra Flux Creations.
Fidget spinners by Terra Flux Creations.

“I am a steward of the planet.

“If we don’t have a home we have nothing.”

As well as protesting Emma helps to educate others on Environmental issues - one way in which she does this is by dressing up as a fairy and handing out seed bombs in the town centre.

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These are circles of dirt filled with wildflower seeds which when planted will help bring more insects into Doncaster’s ecology.

She said: “We have 11 years left. This is urgent.

“The earth is dying - every change counts.”

Emma is also a member of the Cube of Truth, an activist group who protest for animals wearing masks and showing animal cruelty footage.

“It’s a fight for the animals - we are driven by our mercy,” she said.

“We want to expose the lies of the industry.”

Emma is also a craftswoman of jewelry she owns the business Terra Flux Creations- she creates pieces through soldering metal with crystals.

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It started when her granddad unexpectedly left her some soldering tools after he died.

Emma said: “It enabled me to quit my call centre job and become self-employed.

“Everything is made out of natural things and I draw inspiration from the metaphysical world.

One special piece of jewellery that Emma makes is meditation fidget spinners.

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She said: “I’m restless and have a lot of nervous energy. These pieces are connective and anti-anxiety.”

According to Emma the crystals can be calming and promote mindfulness.

Jewelry pieces can be between £5-£500.

As Emma is an eco-warrior she takes this ethos into her business.

She doesn’t use any plastic and 20-30% of the soldering metal is recycled.

You can find Emma’s jewellery on her Etsy page – https://www.etsy.com/market/terra_flux.

Or follow her online @terrafluxcreations.