Doncaster School sets an environmental example by winning prestigious green awards

Copley Junior School in Sprotbrough celebrated their Green Flag award with Mayor Ross Jones.

By Laura Andrew
Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 10:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 18th September 2019, 9:08 am
Mayor Ros Jones with eco council.
Mayor Ros Jones with eco council.

Copley Junior School set up their eco council 3 years ago in aim of spreading environmental awareness with their pupils.

They won the Green Flag award which is the highest national green award a school can achieve.

They also recently achieved the Gold Woodland Trust Award for doing green activities such as planting trees, recycling and walking to school.

Mrs Westerman is the Eco lead for the council, she said: “They have been working so hard this year to achieve this.

“The children were so excited when we found out that we got the award that they jumped up and down on the playground.”

For the occasion Mayor Ros Jones came to the school to help them celebrate.

The children showed her around their school pointing out environment displays.

All of the schools children lined the path and clapped the eco council and the mayor down a path before the mayor raised the flag.

Mrs Jones said: “Well done, you should all be really proud of yourself and your school.

“It’s such an achievement and I’m delighted to see our young people show us older people the right way to do things.”

Esme is on the eco council and is in year six, she said: “One of the things we had to do was active travel - which meant walking to school for ten days.

“We also had to make sure we turned off the lights when we were not in the classroom.”

Isabelle is also on the eco council and is in year four, she said: “We worked really hard for this.

“We walked to school and planted trees.

“I don’t like it when people throw litter on the floor, I tell them to put it in the bin.”

Copley Junior School hope to maintain the green flag award as well as trying to achieve the platinum Woodland Trust Award.