Doncaster dad calls for rubbish clean up after daughter injures foot on littered glass

A Doncaster dad has called for people dropping litter to ‘pick it up’ after his seven-year-old daughter injured her foot on some discarded, broken glass over the weekend.

Tuesday, 22nd September 2020, 3:51 pm

Kurt Lindley, 42, from Warmsworth, is urging people to be more responsible after his child, Ellie, cut her foot on a piece of littered glass, after it was left near the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum.

The seven-year-old is now unable to walk after the broken glass pierced through her trainer, leaving her with a one inch cut on the sole of her foot, on Sunday, September 20.

Ellie was playing chase with her dad, running down the alleyway near the museum to get to the park which is close-by, when she trod on the discarded shard and had to be taken to Montagu Hospital in Mexborough.

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Ellie Lindley has a one inch cut on the bottom of her foot after a discarded shard of glass pierced through her trainers while she was playing over the weekend.

The 42-year-old who runs Be More Learning and Development, is now giving his daughter a piggy-back to and from school as Ellie is unable to walk or get a wheelchair.

Kurt has called on the litter-droppers to think twice before discarding their rubbish.

"Can people not just put their rubbish in the bin and take it home like most other people do?

"It's the consequences too, the pain it has put her in, the time it takes to get the bandage dressed and then re-dressed, the time and cost to the NHS.

Ellie's dad, Kurt held up the insole which shows how the littered glass pierced through his daughter's shoe.

"Every action has an impact and people need to think about the consequences of what they are doing.

"It is not the council's responsibility to pick up litter, this is a societal problem and we all need to be doing our bit.”

Doncaster Council echoed the concerned father’s calls to pick up litter in a thread on twitter.

Now, as you know, we are a local council. That means that our main hobbies include talking about littering, moaning about littering, and feeling annoyed about littering.But this story REALLY annoyed us.It's about Ellie.

The seven-year-old from Doncaster is unable to walk because of the injury.

— Doncaster Council (@MyDoncaster) September 22, 2020

The dad from Warmsworth explained how anxious Ellie felt about going to hospital to be treated for the injury, after her mum and Kurt’s wife, passed away from cancer five years ago.

Kurt added: “Ellie saw her in hospital a lot and the idea of going into a hospital was not a nice thing for her, she felt anxious about going there.

"Thankfully we went to Mexborough Montagu Hospital which is a bit less like a hospital.

"When it happened I was just feel like really?

"This little girl has been through so much already, does she really need this now?”

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