Doncaster beauty spot becomes dumping ground after lockdown restrictions are eased

These photos show how a popular Doncaster beauty spot has become a dumping ground within days of the lockdown restrictions being eased.

By Robert Cumber
Tuesday, 26th May 2020, 3:28 pm

Fiona Lou shared these before and after photos of Lakeside showing how it has changed since the Government rules were changed to allow people to spend as much time outdoors as they want.

The clear waters and pristine paths which walkers and wildlife alike had enjoyed are now littered with rubbish including broken bottles, dog poo and discarded laughing gas canisters, she says.

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The water at Lakeside in Doncaster earlier during lockdown and after restrictions were eased

“During lockdown I used my daily allowance walking around Lakeside, which was lovely, with no rubbish and lots of wildlife,” she said.

“Over the past week, rubbish has built up, with people not picking up after their dogs, and laughing gas canisters and broken bottles all around.

“It is so disappointing. This is a beautiful place to visit and we as a town are spoiling it.”

Lakeside in Doncaster looking stunning earlier during lockdown
A litter-strewn path at Lakeside in Doncaster after lockdown restrictions were eased