Emotional David Allen showcases star power in brutal fashion

David Allen is congratulated by promoter Eddie HearnDavid Allen is congratulated by promoter Eddie Hearn
David Allen is congratulated by promoter Eddie Hearn
He may usually be relied upon to bring laughs from boxing fans but David Allen put a few lumps in throats on Saturday night.

The Conisbrough heavyweight brutally stopped Nick Webb at London’s O2 Arena in arguably the biggest win of his rollercoaster career.

And when he sat down moments later to speak to TV cameras, he showed exactly what it meant to him.

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Choking back tears, he described it as one of the greatest nights of his life.

For a man who has become positioned as one of British boxing’s biggest characters- just ask the girls of Babestation - the emotion does not get much more raw.

Allen is the very definition of enigmatic.

Those that have seen him at work and focused in the gym will tell you he possesses an incredible amount of natural talent and skill.

And anyone that has seen him fight knows he is one of the toughest men you will ever come across.

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Application and dedication have let him down far too many times in the past.

He has lost fights he was destined to win and failed to take opportunities placed in front of him.

But he has battled plenty away from boxing, laying bare in the past his struggles with depression and gambling addiction.

Allen could so easily have become a forgotten man, through those circumstances both in an direction out of his control.

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But his brutal honesty coupled with his naturally hilarious nature means Allen is much more of a sympathetic character than he is a frustrating one.

It is why his victory over Webb was one of the most popular outcomes on a brilliantly thrilling night of boxing at the O2.

That is without taking into account the amazing brutality of the ending, which came in what will certainly be a contender for knockout of the year.

Unbeaten prospect Webb had been in full control over the first three rounds with Allen offering very little back.

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You could have been forgiven for thinking the White Rhino was set to disappoint again in the biggest of spotlights.

But he charged into life in the fourth. An overhand right rocked Webb and the fight changed in a flash.

Allen remained focused, stunned the Surrey fighter with a hook to the body and followed up with another brutal overhand right to fell Webb like a tree.

Before the fight Allen had insisted he would be taking an indefinite break from the sport.

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His resolve on that is certainly going to be tested over the next few months.

The crowd roared in support, and gave a standing ovation when a testy-eyed Allen described the win as ‘life-changing’.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has long believed Allen is a star in-the-making.

Saturday night will have reaffirmed that belief and opportunities will surely come Allen’s way.

Whether he grasps then with both hands is anyone’s guess.

But, for now at least, Allen is very much a star.