Ed Miliband targeted by Tories over Brexit voting record as his team dubs attack as 'desperate'

Ed Miliband has been singled out by the Conservatives and accused of “taking voters for fools” for campaign material on his Brexit record.

Mr Miliband, Labour’s hopeful in Doncaster North, said he had voted nine times for Brexit on literature given to potential voters.

But the Tories accused him of repeatedly blocking the UK leaving the EU by refusing to back a deal, voting to extend Article 50 and supporting a second EU referendum.

Mr Miliband’s leaflet says: “We need to sort Brexit. I’ve voted nine times in Parliament for a deal to do that.”

Ed Miliband and Lisa Nandy MP campaigning on behalf of the Labour Party to remain in Europe, at a rally in Wigan, with Corrie actress Sue Cleaver. Photo: Neil Cross

Mr Miliband, whose constituency voted 72 per cent to leave, has in the past supported a second referendum but has also voted for remaining in the customs union with the EU after Brexit, and a Norway-style deal.

However he has not backed either Boris Johnson or Theresa May’s deals.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay said: "It’s clear what Labour’s new strategy is in leave voting constituencies: lie. People like Ed Miliband are destroying trust in democracy by saying they accept the result of democratic votes then working to overturn them.

"Corbyn’s Labour are taking voters for fools and now they are trying to pull the same confidence trick on the British people again.”

Ed Miliband's election leaflet. Photo: Submitted

But a spokeswoman for Mr Miliband said the accusations were “desperate”.

She said: “Over the last 3 half years Ed has voted nine times for a customs union, single market and other Labour proposals for a Brexit deal.

“Desperate Tory attempts to throw mud and distract from their plans to sell off the NHS to Donald Trump will fool nobody.

“As Ed's leaflet says Labour will negotiate a Brexit deal that protects the NHS and put it back to the people.”

The extract picked out by the Tories in Ed Miliband's leaflet. Photo: Submitted