Driver leaves £60,000 Range Rover at roadside after South Yorkshire hit-and-run

A driver escaped on foot '“ leaving his £60,000 Range Rover at the roadside '“ after a South Yorkshire hit-and-run which left two children in the other car badly shaken.

Police at the scene of a hit and run in Armthorpe.
Police at the scene of a hit and run in Armthorpe.

The incident happened at around 6.15pm on Thursday, December 27 on Hatfield Lane in Armthorpe.

Near the roundabout, a white Range Rover travelling from either the M18 or Armthorpe hit an Audi carrying four passengers, two of them young children.

The badly damaged Audi car.

In the impact, the Audi's windscreen was smashed and one of the Range Rover's alloy wheels broke in two.

After the crash, the driver of the Range Rover drove a short distance down the road before getting out of his vehicle and making off on foot.

Officers blocked the road off for almost three hours and took the Range Rover to a police compound.

The driver and passengers of the Audi '“ while unhurt '“ have been left badly shaken by the incident.

The Range Rover being taken to a police compound.

A relative of the driver '“ who preferred to remain anonymous '“ said the two children had struggled to sleep afterwards and had been having nightmares.

Police investigating the crash are now appealing for help from members of the public.

If you know whose car it is call South Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting reference number 0715/27122018.

Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

The Audi's windscreen was left smashed by the impact.