Dramatic pictures show huge inferno raging at side of major Doncaster road

Dramatic pictures have emerged showing an inferno raging at the side of a major Doncaster road.

By Lee Peace
Wednesday, 13 February, 2019, 17:12

In the pictures, taken by passerby Tony Critchley, the flames can be seen flailing up to 15 feet high. 

The raging fire. Picture: Tony Critchley

The blaze is believed to be at an allotment site off Leger Way, near to the junction with Cheltenham Road, at Intake. 

The fire has been raging since about 5pm this evening and firefighters are at the scene. 

The South Yorkshire brigade has not released  any details yet. 

The fire rages. Picture: Tony Critchley

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The flames can be seen from the road. Picture: Tony Critchley
The blaze. Picture: Tony Critchley
Firefighters are at the scene. Picture: Tony Critchley