Don't look forward in 'hanger' ... keep calm when set to jet

Yorkshire travellers should calm down and consider 'hanger' management!

Wednesday, 17th August 2016, 8:05 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th August 2016, 9:54 am
The heat is on ... for travel tension

The mardy inducing combo of hunger and anger manifests itself most among regional pre-flight trippers.

So, to lighten the mood, here's a reminder of Hale and Pace Yorkshire Airlines sketch.

A new study reveals almost half of our holidaymakers admit to carrying snacks to try beat travel pressures.

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But our area's fliers are crowned most creative when it comes to stress-busting with similar 42 per cent using distraction tools such as colouring books to combat boredom. findings also name and shame (below) our top ten travel tensions.

Most common causes of frustration are airport queues, busy crowds and ever tricky task of reaching departure point.

Secret to calm travel, according to two thirds of those polled in nationwide research, is journey preparation in advance.

And, while the average person will invest 8 hours and 40 minutes planning to minimise stressful holiday situations, one in ten will leave it right up to last minute ... if they plan at all.

A third of those quizzed admit, if they had better travel plans in place, they would save cash and start their jollies in sunnier mood.

Distraction tools such as colouring and other books, films, music and apps are most popular, particularly among female jet setters.

Other soothing suggestions from survey respondents include visiting an airport lounge to escape far from the madding crowd as well as using mobile phones to check emails and keep up to date while on the move.

Holiday Extras Getaways Guru and Well-being Advisor Carolyne Creed explained: “It’s great to see so many Sheffield folk embracing their creative side while travelling this summer.

"By launching our Vacay Sensei campaign today, we hope to encourage more local holidaymakers to enjoy a little extra Zen on their upcoming breaks. From giant colouring boards to pop-up yoga classes and breathing tips, we have lots of calming activities and handy hints to share with people across the UK.

“We firmly believe the more prepared you can be for your trip, the better your break will be. We’ve already helped thousands of local people to enjoy a calmer way of travel this summer and with this latest campaign we hope to help many more.”

Top ten travel tensions

1. Kids that kick your seat

2. Loud groups of travellers

3. Airport queue jumpers

4. People that invade your seating area with luggage or by reclining too far

5. Angry travellers

6. People using loud electronic devices including tinny headphone music and text alerts

7. Passengers that eat noisily or eat smelly foods

8. People that meander along, most likely as a result of staring at their phones

9. Baggage carousel bullies

10. People using selfie sticks