Doncaster's 40 best and worst full English breakfasts have been ranked in order '“ how does your favourite cafe fare?

A tongue in cheek mystery food writer who has scoffed dozens of full English breakfasts at cafes across Doncaster has now ranked them all in a league table from best to worst.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th August 2018, 10:44 am
Updated Thursday, 30th August 2018, 10:46 am
Where do you think Doncaster's best full English breakfast is to be found?
Where do you think Doncaster's best full English breakfast is to be found?


The Breakfast Club Doncaster has become an internet sensation with a Facebook page dedicated to glowing and sometimes scathing and hilarious reviews of the town's breakfast fry-ups.

Now the page has sparked further controversy by dishing up a league table of 40 cafes in Doncaster ranked from best to worst.

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A post on the page said: 'Our league table has absolutely blown apart since we last did one, with a new champion up top in Marr Grange Farm Shop and Tearooms and a new rock bottom in Sandall Park Cafe. 

'Let us know if you've been to any of these and agree/disagree, any you might think compete that we haven't been to, or any you haven't read our review of and we'll repost for you.

'Let the controversy commence!'

The table sees Marr Grange clinch top spot with a glowing 10/10 mark '“ the only eating place on the rundown to score full marks.

Meanwhile, bottom-placed Sandall Park cafe scores just 1/10 '“ the only venue to get the lowest score, although Asda's breakfast also scores one out of ten in a separate '˜supermarket specials' category.

13 of the top-scoring cafes '“ which also includes Doncaster's Snackstop Cafe and Tweed at Wadworth '“ are described as '˜absolute bangers' while the lowest ranked are dubbed '˜dog turd.'

Bentley's Country Kitchen, Doncaster's Carol's Cafe and The Filling Station Diner in Wheatley Hall Road were other businesses to score lowly on the league table.

More than a dozen cafes received a '˜not bad' rating by the secret reviewers.

The mystery food critics tuck into bacon and eggs at "greasy spoons" all over the town - and have picked up a devoted following on Facebook with their reviews.

One cafe was dubbed: "A joyless, soul destroying and frankly disgusting experience."

The Breakfast Club Doncaster describes itself as the town's "go-to comprehensive reviewer of Full English Breakfasts," and adds: "We travel to greasy-spoons across the borough trying out Donny's best and worst fry-ups , taking photos and writing reviews so you, the fine people can choose your breakfasts wisely.

The page adds: "All opinions are that of our own, we are not professional food critics; more experienced fans of a classic full English. We do not operate on any commercial level in partnership with any cafes or dining establishments and as so give no f***s on how our reviews impact on your business.

"We review the breakfasts as we receive them - if they look like s***, that's your fault!"

Each review lists details of the cafe, the cost of a full English breakfast - and what customers get for their money as well as an overall mark out of ten.

You can visit The Breakfast Club - Doncaster Facebook page and see the league table HERE