Doncaster Voices: How can we protect Doncaster's elderly in winter weather?

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By The Newsroom
Thursday, 23rd November 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:24 pm


W​inter can be particularly lonely time for elderly people as the short daylight hours and cooler temperatures mean they don’t always get visitors dropping in. Isolation and in particular loneliness is a common social problem and a significant risk factor for depression, so my request - please be a good neighbour and keep a regular check on any elderly people who live nearby. It’s useful to have the phone numbers of any friends and relatives of theirs in case of problems. Older people are at risk of hypothermia, so check to make sure they have a warm living area at home and they are wearing layers of clothing if they still feel cold. Keeping active by moving around the house and doing chores will also help stay warm and maintain mobility. Plenty of hot drinks and food will also help. And last, but not least, please make sure your elderly friends and relatives have had a flu jab – it’s a vital preventative measure.


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One of the most important things we can do is to make sure that the elderly get their flu jab at either their GP practice or one of our Doncaster pharmacies if that is more convenient. Elderly people are classed as ‘at risk’ as they often have underlying conditions such as respiratory illnesses that make them much more susceptible to the virus and the flu jab is free for anyone aged over 65. They can also use their community pharmacy to get help and advice directly in branch or over the phone and they can use our minor ailments or medicine use review services to ensure they remain healthy. And, if the weather gets bad and older people can’t get out of their house, our delivery service can really help. We’re happy to help and spend time with people whenever they need us particularly older people who may feel isolated and lonely; that’s what we’re here for.


With the onset of winter weather our senior citizens are quite vulnerable following the drop-in temperature we can all help by giving practicable advice and support to our family members or neighbours by encouraging them to wear extra layers of clothing, excises if supported by GP with walks weather permitting. Now’s the time for hot food and hot drinks follow a healthy diet with plenty of nutrients and vitamins. We can also help by carrying out basic household checks on draught proofing, suitable winter curtains and checking loft and cavity wall insulation noting that grants might be available if work is required. With heating bills forever rising our elderly should take advantage of using local community centres and Libraries, very well heated venues with the added bonus of social interactions to break periods of isolation and saving on heating bills. It’s also helpful to have a full welfare benefit check carried out.


There ​are a few problems with ​Doncaster hospital that​ is su​p​posed to be ​Doncaster​. They bring people from ​Grimsby and ​Rotherham to ​Doncaster​. I’ve ​b​e​en there a few times and people told me where they come from​. Wards need more nurses.​not contract nurses​. The A and E does not seem to have eno​ugh doctors when its busy​,​ thus causing wa​i​ting hours well over ​four h​ou​rs​. This gover​n​ment is to blame​. The bo​a​rd should be made ​up ​by ​Doncaster people​,​ who have more say​ as​ to how its run​. The council ​itself wast​es​ cash inste​a​d of helping ​Mexborough Hospit​al. Funds should be made so it can reopen its wards again inste​a​d of wards stood there being wasted​. This opening woul​d​ be ​see ​less pressure on ​Doncaster hospital​ that​‘​s a very old building and outdated​. There should be a ward ​​spe​cially made for older people to stay inste​a​d of causing bed​-blocking as they can​‘​t move them out as no place to put them​. A lot ​of care homes​ in ​Doncaster​ have​ been closed​.​


Winter can bring with it horrendous dilemmas for those feel the cold acutely and need to keep warm to stay healthy.

There are many agencies and volunteers who work extremely hard to help the most vulnerable members of our community, but it is the responsibility of all of us to step in and step up.

Many people already know what they need to do to stay warm, but may not have the wherewithal to do it. Heating, lighting, hot water, cooked food – the things that cost money - can often be the things that are ‘switched off’ as the

cold and the cost of keeping warm begin to bite.

So, if there’s a key service, benefit or support group it needs to be shouted about and/or the information passed on to those who need to know. As individuals we can check on our neighbours - as loneliness as well as cold is

a silent killer in the dark winter months.


Keeping the elderly warm this winter is a responsibility shared by us all. A good neighbour scheme is a way forward. Pop round and make sure they have warm drinks and a hot meal. If you have a spare duvet pass it on, it will keep them

warm in bed and they can snuggle in it to watch the telly. Duvets are relatively cheap and versatile so treat an elderly person this Christmas. The agencies including the Local Authority must make an even greater push to be aware of

all those in need of warmth this winter. I know it’s a big ask but care companies should work alongside the LA to raise awareness, you and I can help by alerting those who can help, to any vulnerable elderly people within our

neighbourhoods. More importantly remember not just for Christmas but all year round. One day it could be you.

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