Doncaster Voices: Doncaster night economy '“ undeserved bad press?

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Thursday, 11th January 2018, 9:23 am
Updated Thursday, 11th January 2018, 9:30 am


We work closely with all licensed premises to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime linked to the night economy. To target and reduce this type of crime we recently conducted a number of focused operations, including reinvigorating our patrols on Friday and Saturday nights and reviewing all town centre licence conditions, to make sure they are aimed at keeping people safe. From this activity we have seen a reduction in reported assaults from an average three a month to less than one a month in 63 licensed premises within Doncaster over the last six months. This highlight the difference this work is making. We will now continue to work in partnership with local business to keep members of our communities safe. I am determined that Doncaster retains its vibrant night time atmosphere and people feel safe.


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Doncaster, like any large town or city, has its night time problems, but does it get undeserved bad press? Yes, I think sometimes it does! It’s time we spoke up for the hundreds that enjoy a good night out and go home happy. Why do we concentrate on minority of idiots who shame themselves and Doncaster? In publicising their antics, we are supporting their stupidity. Sadly all too often the idiot element is largely made up of young women who endanger themselves and all around them. We should take a more positive line and highlight the sensible people who often travel a distance to enjoy our nightlife, promote those who face the horror of being around those thankless, ignorant morons who think our town is theirs to abuse. Doncaster is a great place to live, work and play and we don’t deserve a bad press.


I think that the Doncaster night time economy is, or has become, a one trick pony with free double shots every ride! The town is overburdened with drinking places that have to compete with each other with the offer of cheaper and cheaper booze. This impacts seriously on our health, well-being and the economy. The cost of late night policing – should that be peace-keeping? – is a figure I don’t have to hand. It won’t be small! I think whoever allows the planning applications for an ever increasing one dimensional evening economy needs to be looked at and slowed down a bit. A “mixed” economy is what will benefit Doncaster overall. The concentration of late night drinking licences in a relatively small area of the town does nothing for the rest of our conurbation.


I don’t think that the bad publicity that Doncaster town centre nightlife receives is without warrant. As a young women, I do not feel safe being in the pubs and clubs that litter Silver Street. On many occasions I have seen friends’ drink spiked, female friends felt-up and seen many violent brawls. Just the other week my sister’s friend had to go to A&E as he was attacked unprovoked in a fast food restaurant. It ended in a nasty concussion and police involvement. I think one of the large reasons behind this is the lack of entry fees on many clubs which, combined with cheap drinks, is a recipe for disaster. This doesn’t only affect people like me. It has become a trend with my parents’ friends and their age group to frequent pubs on a Saturday afternoon, and return home before the mayhem begins, as they fear the nightlife scene.

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Next week’s subject is: “How can we market Doncaster ​area attractions better ​for touris​m?”

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