Doncaster Rovers: How the training schedule has changed under Grant McCann

All football managers are different.

Friday, 17th August 2018, 10:29 am
Updated Friday, 17th August 2018, 10:30 am
Grant McCann

And the training ground is one place where such differences are going to be laid bare.

When a new boss arrives at a club, training patterns and methods are very likely to alter.

And Grant McCann is no different.

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“On Mondays we train,” he told the Free Press.

“What they’ve been used to here is another day’s recovery on a Monday but that’s not the way I work.

“We’re trying to do something here this year.

“That was something we sorted in pre-season that Mondays will be a training session and the boys will be working hard.

“They’ve done that on the Mondays and Tuesdays that we’ve had when there’s not been a midweek game.

“And they’ve worked very hard.

“The process is straight back onto it.”

It has become clear very quickly that McCann favours a positive approach with his players.

There will be no dwelling on negatives, on what went wrong in a given game.

And that translates into his meetings with the squad after a game.

“They see all the positive clips from the weekend,” he said. “I maybe touch on one or two things that I maybe think we can do better on a Thursday morning, individually or as a group.

“We want to try to go and win the game on a Saturday so it’s important we get some good work into the lads in the week.

“I’m a really positive person.

“I think the lads know already.

“With the Southend game, we sorted it out at half time what they weren’t doing right and what we weren’t doing right as a group.

“That includes me, the staff and the players.

“We got it right at that time. We made a couple of tweaks and technical changes that won us the game really in a short spell.

“The aim is to turn that short spell into 40 or 60 minutes, we’re in games for longer and we’ll hopefully score more goals.”

One characteristic McCann shares with his predecessor Darren Ferguson is a desire for his players to constantly learn.

That was always going to be key as McCann implemented a new system and playing style on his players – one which requires the team to process plenty of information about positioning.

“I watch the games back and I see everything about the game,” McCann said.

“I see games involving the oppostion.

“We’re always working as a staff, whether it’s Adam [Ridgewell] the analyst who is always sending clips through.

“The lads will watch the game back themselves because we’ve got this new software called Hudl so the players can learn every single day.

“They see every single training session they do and can watch back individual stuff they do.

“We’re always learning as a team and as a staff.”