Doncaster Rovers: Ferguson awaits budget decision and prepares to inform players of their fates

Darren FergusonDarren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson will hold a follow-up meeting with the Doncaster Rovers board later this week to decide on his budget for next season.

Ferguson met with chairman David Blunt and chief executive Gavin Baldwin last Thursday to outline his plans for his current group of players and transfer targets for this summer.

And he will meet again towards the end of this week where he will learn the full nature of the finances he has to work with in the coming transfer window.

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“We met, David Blunt, Gavin Baldwin and I to chat through the squad,” Ferguson told The Star.

“I presented to them what I wanted to do.

“And we’ll have another meeting before the Wigan game.

“Obviously things will then be put in place, decisions will be made.

“There’s players out of contract and players that I feel maybe need to move on now.

“There’s all sorts of decisions that managers have to make at the end of the season.

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“But certainly for me we have to keep progressing as a football club and not stand still.”

James Coppinger, Mathieu Baudry, Craig Alcock, Andy Williams and Cedric Evina will all discover in the coming days whether they will be handed new contracts as they approach the end of their current deals.

Ferguson has pledged to inform each member of his squad of his plans for next season prior to the weekend, allowing the players to break immediately following Saturday’s clash with Wigan Athletic.

The Rovers boss admits that, from experience, he would typically have been informed of his budget earlier than he will this year.

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“I think it’s just circumstantial,” Ferguson said, speaking ahead of Tuesday night’s clash with AFC Wimbledon.

“We’ve had chats already.

“It’s just a case of what I feel we need moving forward.

“I think it’s clear for anyone who has watched us all season where we need to improve.

“Players that are out of contract will be moving on so there’s gaps there.

“All these things have to be considered and we make a decision on how we do it.”