Doncaster roads wrecked by flooding to stay shut for urgent repairs

Roads wrecked by recent flooding in Doncaster are to stay closed while urgent repairs are carried out.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 22nd March 2022, 1:18 pm

A number of roads in and around Fishlake were left underwater following Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin, although the village escaped the catastrophic flooding of 2019 which saw the village deluged and dozens of homes wrecked.

However, the latest flooding has caused severe damage to three roads in the area and Doncaster Council is extending a road closure to carry out repairs.

Plumtree Hill Road, Woodhouse Green Road and Jack Daw Lane in Fishlake will all remain shut until mid-April.

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A number of roads in Fishlake will be closed for repairs following flood damage.

A Doncaster Council spokesman said: “During this period it is anticipated that remedial work will be undertaken to repair the carriageway and adjacent verge with a method that will prevent this type damage reoccurring each time that flooding takes place.

“It should be noted that this work is complicated and the delay compounded due to its location near to a drainage channel which is not owned by the Council which has required consultation with a third party to get necessary permissions.”

“Following an inspection and discussions, due to the condition of Plumtree Hill Road and the dangers it presents a decision has been taken that this road together with Woodhouse Green Road and Jack Row Lane as a through route will remain closed for a period of up to 21 days.”

It is understood floodwaters have eroded the road surface edges, making it dangerous in a number of places.

Diversions are in place during the closures.