Doncaster pub forced to shut after 'thugs' smash 'half of windows' in vandal attack

A Doncaster pub has been forced to close after vandals smashed ‘almost half of the windows’ in a blitz of destruction.

The Maple Tree in Woodfield Plantation came under attack last night with the pub unable to open today.

In a brief announcement on Facebook a spokesman said: “Sadly as a result of vandalism last night the pub will be closed today.

"We will keep you updated as soon as we know any more.”

The Maple Tree in Woodfield Plantation.

A separate post on a Woodfield Plantation community page said: “Our heartfelt thanks go out to the three young thugs and their getaway driver who decided to smash almost half of the windows in the pub last night.

"Cheers lads, you have saved us a fortune in window cleaning this week.

"If, as we suspect, you were the druggie scum who took umbrage to being barred, then we make no apology.

"There is no place for you and your ilk at the Maple Tree.”