Doncaster pizza takeaway granted extra opening hours despite objections from council officers

A Doncaster pizza takeaway owner has granted permission to open later despite objections from council officers.

Thursday, 2nd August 2018, 3:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd August 2018, 3:38 pm

Applicant Erkan Boran applied to extend the opening times of Pizza Range on Warmsworth Road in Balby from 11pm to 1am.

But a Doncaster Council officer objected to the application saying the takeaway was granted planning permission in 2015 provided the unit didn't open past 11pm.

Another officer raised issues surrounding noise to nearby residents but agent Steve Butler on behalf of Mr Boran said neighbours had signed letters of support.

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Mr Butler conceded the licensing application was submitted before a planning application to change the hours. But planning officer Sarah Dodds said the planning application had requested to open until 12am and not 1am.

The applicant agreed to amend the request from 1am to 12am.

Addressing the committee, Mr Butler said: "The application is purely based upon demand and he's increasingly losing out on later trade and would like to seize the opportunity to further his business.

"After speaking to environmental health and the planning department, it was clear residents maybe subject to public nuisance by a later opening. Mr Boran has a good relationship with neighbours and both residents in the flats above his shop, the one next door and people in semi-detached homes behind the shop have signed a note supporting his plan.

"Whilst the planning and environmental health department are concerned regards to the residents living close by, it would appear the actual residents are not and in fact in support of the new venture."

Alan McMurdo, an officer working within environmental health objected on noise grounds.

He told the meeting: "Noise from the extractor fan is the main concern and I know that flats in that area have a high turnover rate.

"Even though residents in the flats have supported it, what's to say others who move in after will object to the noise. It may well lead to a noise complaint to the council and that takes up a lot of resources for us."

Senior planning officer Dave Richards told the committee takeaways along Warmsworth Road didn't open any later until 11.30pm and 'consistency' was needed.

But a panel of four councillors on the sub-licensing committee granted the extra operating hours with added conditions.

These include not allowing unaccompanied children under the age of 16 into the premises after 9pm, regular service of the extractor fan, and staff training to extract CCTV readily available on request.

A solicitor advising the committee read out a statement on their behalf granting the amended license.

She said: "The committee are concerned whilst the applicant could recite the licensing objectives, his understanding of their operation was limited.

"However the committee believes that the application together with the conditions they have imposed should make sure they are promoted."