Doncaster people have the best sex in the UK, new survey reveals

People from Doncaster have the best sex in the whole of Britain, a new survey has revealed.

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 11:11 am
People in Doncaster have the best sex.

They scored highest for levels of sexual happiness with one in five (20%) marking themselves 10/10 for sexual fulfillment.

Overall, 75% of the adult residents of the town said their sex life was good.

Wigan came second with 73% of adults saying they had a fulfilling sex life, while Ipswich was third with a score of 72% and Carlisle was fourth with 71%.

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Crawley in West Sussex is the UK’s least sexy town with just 57% of residents saying they have a good sex life, narrowly beating Durham (59%) and Shrewsbury (60%).

The results are from a new survey of 9,000 people by the online sex toy retailer Lovehoney to celebrate Sexual Happiness Day this Saturday.

The poll looked at regions of Britain where people were most sexually happy.

The North East of England came out top overall with 13.2% of residents scoring themselves 10/10 for sexual happiness.

The North West came second (12.8%) and Yorkshire and Lincolnshire was third (12.7%).

Residents on the south coast of England have the least fulfilling sex lives with only 8.9% giving themselves top marks, followed by the Scots (10.2%) and people in London and the south east (10.9%).

Men are most sexually happy when they first hit middle age with those aged 36-40 reporting the highest levels of satisfaction, followed by those aged 46-50.

Women peak even later with highest levels of satisfaction for those aged 56-60 and those aged 46-50 coming second.

Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst said: “Congratulations to the people from Doncaster who have the best sex in the UK - great news for Jeremy Clarkson and Louis Tomlinson.

“Sexual Happiness Day is an annual celebration of the benefits of great sex with the hope of inspiring and encouraging people all over the world to talk, experiment and find out what it is that makes them happy in the bedroom.

“It is great that people in the UK are reporting such high levels of sexual satisfaction. All our research shows that couples with good sex lives also have high levels of personal happiness.”

Lovehoney - the UK’s biggest online sex toy retailer - is celebrating Sexual Happiness Day by giving away 5,000 vibrators. Visit to find out how to get your free vibe.

Top 10 places in the UK for sexual happiness

1 Doncaster

2 Wigan

3 Ipswich

4 Carlisle

5 Belfast

6 York

7 Reading

8 Preston

9 Dundee

10 Manchester

Bottom five places in the UK for sexual happiness

1 Crawley

2 Durham

3 Shrewsbury

4 Sunderland

5 Walsall