Doncaster is one of the UK’s most bio-diverse places according to a new study

Biodiversity is a hot topic in 2020 with the climate crisis conversation becoming more prevalent and Doncaster is found to have an incredible 8,371 distinct species.

Tuesday, 14th January 2020, 11:45 am

Doncaster’s biodiversity is made up of 40 types of mammals, 248 species of birds, 188 fish, 5,247 insects and arachnids species, 1,234 plants, 1,287 mushrooms and fungi and 86 types of bacteria.

According to a study carried out by Holiday Cottages, Doncaster ranks 32nd out of all the UK for biodiversity.

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Modern day forager utilising Doncaster’s woodland to find hidden gems

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Butterly at Potterick Carr Nature Reserve by @nikalwest

Shannon Keary from Holiday Cottages, said: “We’re becoming increasingly aware of the environment and our impact on biodiversity.

“We want to encourage people to explore and enjoy what mother nature has given us in different areas of Great Britain, whilst doing their bit to preserve the local wildlife for future generations to come.”

They have created an interactive map which shows the levels of biodiversity all over the country,

The map reveals that The Highlands are the most diverse area in the UK and that London is the least.

North Norfolk is the best place to spot a variety of birds and East Cambridgeshire has the most spider varieties for arachnid lovers.

There are many ways to increase biodiversity on a small scale, including increasing walking time over transport and buying local to reduce carbon emissions.

Avoiding single-use plastic is one of the most popular ways to encourage biodiversity as plastic waste is one of the leading causes of wildlife harm.