Doncaster 'one of UK's worst places to make a living', says survey

Doncaster town centre.
Doncaster town centre.

Doncaster is one of the worst places in the UK to make a living, according to research.

The town is ranked seventh from bottom on a table of 59 towns and cities.

The research has been compiled by credit broker TotallyMoney based on median monthly take-home salary, average monthly mortgage repayments, the cost of living, unemployment levels and job growth.

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It revealed people in Doncaster have a median monthly take home salary of £447 with average monthly mortgage repayments of £688.

Joe Gardiner, TotallyMoney's head of brand and content, said: “While many are drawn to bigger cities, such as London and Birmingham, in the hope of earning a decent living, our research shows they may not be the best overall option due to higher-than-average living costs.

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“We hope our research will prompt people to consider a wider range of areas when thinking about changing careers or moving home.”

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Swansea was ranked as the worst place to make a living in the UK.