Doncaster mayor gets world commendation for her service to strengthen social justice and prosperity

Mayor Ros Jones has been awarded a 2018 World Mayor Commendation in recognition of her services to local government.
Ros JonesRos Jones
Ros Jones

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, UK, has been awarded the 2018 World Mayor Commendation in recognition of her services to local government and her commitment to strengthen social justice and prosperity for the people of Doncaster. The 2018 World Mayor Project was dedicated to women in local government.

It features the achievement of female mayors from across the world and honours the best of them.

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They entered local politics not because they wanted or needed to prove that women can succeed in an environment shaped by men, but because they believed they had the right ideas, skills and ambitions to help their communities to flourish. Mayor Ros Jones said: “I am humbled and honoured to have been recognised in these awards. As much as I am the recipient of this recognition, I am absolutely clear that this is an accolade for Doncaster and for the hard work, dedication and tireless support of Doncaster Council staff under the leadership of Chief Executive Jo Miller, my cabinet, councillors and our partners. Without them and our true partnership spirit and ways of working, our achievements would not be as significant and indeed as successful in changing the fortunes of our wonderful borough. Local government is facing severe challenges and has been for a number of years and I am immensely proud of our contribution to making Doncaster the best it can be and supporting our ambitions for its exciting and dynamic future. Our journey continues and I would like to thank everyone for their contributions so far.”