Doncaster drug addict jailed for stabbing neighbour with Stanley knife

A Doncaster drug addict, who stabbed his neighbour with a Stanley knife following an altercation between the pair, has been put behind bars for five years.

Saturday, 4th March 2017, 7:46 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:54 am
Justin Coyne, who stabbed his neighbour with a Stanley knife following an altercation between the pair, has been put behind bars for five years.

Sheffield Crown Court was told how a disagreement broke out between 41-year-old Justin Coyne and his next door neighbour Frederick Wyatt on December 4, 2016 over some wood the latter was collecting from a garden in between their two properties in The Homestead, Bentley.

Witness, Mr Mayhew, told police that he was walking near to Mr Wyatt's garden when he heard the two men taking part in a heated argument.

Prosecutor, Beverley Tate, said: "Mr Mayhew walked towards them and stopped the fight, standing between them and splitting it up.

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"The defendant walked away and the complainant went back into his house."

A short time later Coyne went to return to Mr Wyatt's property, but was told to 'leave it' once more by Mr Mayhew.

However, a few minutes later Coyne returned to the garden of Mr Wyatt, who had begun to brandish a hammer, the court heard.

Mr Mayhew tried to break up the fight for the third time and told Mr Wyatt to drop the hammer on the ground, which he did, but that did not stop Coyne from continuing the altercation.

"Mr Coyne grabbed the complainant by the throat, pushed him backwards, and kicked him three to four times," said Ms Tate.

She added: "He was seen to bend over and produced a Stanley knife, and began slashing at Mr Wyatt."

Coyne fled the scene, but was soon arrested by police due to being 'known in the area,' said Ms Tate.

Following the altercation Mr Wyatt was taken to hospital, where he was he was treated for a 5cm wound to the left side of his chest, two 1cm wounds to the right-hand side of his neck and a 1cm wound to his abdomen.

A victim impact statement from Mr Wyatt, read out in court, said: "There was no need for him to stab me, we could have gone toe-to-toe.

"In my eyes, it was totally unprovoked, and I don't understand why he did it."

Defending Coyne, Edward Moss said the 41-year-old's life had been blighted by issues with drugs, that began when he was aged just 12.

Mr Moss said: "He is illiterate, he is innumerate, and is not someone who can live independently. He even has difficulty telling the time.

"His life has been blighted by drug addiction, and clearly has difficulty dealing with any, and all, situations.

"He is going to suffer in custody, he is not someone who can cope with that situation particularly well."

Coyne pleaded guilty to one count of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and another of possession of a bladed weapon at an earlier hearing.

Sentencing Coyne to five years in prison, consecutively for the two offences, Recorder Anthony Kelbrick told the 41-year-old: "As a result of your actions he [Mr Wyatt] suffered some significant injuries, there was one 5cm wound to his abdomen."