Doncaster dinosaur makes 170 mile trip to new home in London

A Doncaster dinosaur dubbed the ‘Yorkshiresaurus’ is starting a new life in the south – after travelling more than 170 miles to a new home in London.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 7th February 2022, 9:09 am

Haulage firm JMS of Doncaster was tasked with transporting the beast to a golf course in Sidcup.

Sharing details of the unusual delivery, a spokesman said: “Today we moved this cute dinosaur!

"It’s now all loaded and ready for a new adventure at Sidcup Family Golf.”

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The dinosaur prepares to head south from Doncaster to its new home in Sidcup. (Photo: JMS of Doncaster).

A spoof sign said: “The first Yorkshiresaurus was recently discovered in Leeds and carefully excavated.

"The Yorkshiresaurus is a friendly plant eating dinosaur from 200 million years ago.

"It’s tail shows a close resemblance to rhubarb and its feet look like Yorkshire Puddings.

"Plus, we now know where the Yorkshire ‘Y’ comes from.

"Although very friendly, its Viking style horns kept predators at bay.

"If you look carefully, the White Rose of Yorkshire can be seen on his skin and the roar seems to have a Yorkshire twang.”