Doncaster Council and DEFRA at odds over cases of bird flu in town

Doncaster Council and the Government’s environmental department have been accused at being of odds about cases of bird flu in the town.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 3:24 pm

Doncaster Council has posted recent warnings about an outbreak of avian flu in the town after wild birds were found dead at Lakeside.

But wildlife campaigners say Doncaster has yet to be added to a list of confirned outbreak locations by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Last week Doncaster Council said it had received confirmation that dead birds found at the end of December had tested positive for bird flu.

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Dead birds were found at Lakeside.

However, a website listing details of confirmed locations does not include Doncaster.

One concerned resident said: “Which one is it? Either there are cases or there are not. We need both Doncaster Council and DEFRA to have the same story.”

A Doncaster Council spokesman said: “We are working with DEFRA to control the spread of the disease to other birds and put the relevant health and safety measures in place across the borough.

"We are also working with individuals and organisations known to us that keep birds and we are placing signs in key areas to warn the public.

“The UK Health Security Agency has said the risk to human health is low, but you should not touch or pick up any dead or visibly sick birds that you find and take care to avoid bird droppings in parks and lakeside areas.

"The public can help by reporting sightings of dead birds by calling the council on 01302 736000 and we will come and safely remove them.”

Further information on Avian Flu can be found at