Doncaster £25,000 benefits mum defends herself after TV documentary

A Doncaster single mum of four who receives £25,000 a year in benefits has defended herself after she described bargain hunting as a full-time job in a TV documentary.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 9th June 2016, 8:40 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 12:19 pm
Bargain Barbie, Doncaster mum Sammi Adams. (Photo: Channel 5)
Bargain Barbie, Doncaster mum Sammi Adams. (Photo: Channel 5)

Sammi Adams, 35, has hit back at critics following her appearance on Channel 5 documentary On Benefits, which was aired earlier tonight.

The mum has dubbed herself 'Bargain Barbie' as she loves to find the cheapest fashion and beauty deals on her Government handouts.

The programme revealed that she has not worked for six years while she cares for her children and spends her time hunting for bargains to make sure she always looks her best.

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But she has taken to Facebook to hit out at those who have blasted her lifestyle in an angry, expletive-laden response, littered with spelling errors.

She wrote: "how wrong u all are, f****** judmental (sic) as f***. Cos a scrounger or lazy is far from what i am.

"i worked all my life till 2010. All kids were born whilst in employment i just cant find a minder for all the kids as most wont take my eldest son for his needs i have respect for my self n i have taught my kids u get nowt with out earnin."

She continued in her Facebook post: "i am tryin to find employment. alot of what they av is my sarcastic sence of humer if ya watch it ya will see they got me all wrong."

The thrifty mum, whose children are all aged under ten, starred in the latest episode of the documentary series which last month told of another Doncaster single mum, plus size burlesque dancer Charlene Taylor, 28, who is using her £20,000 a year benefits payments to fund exotic dance lessons to boost her confidence following the death of her daughter.

The programme revealed that Sammi receives £25,000 in benefits but recently struggled when £60 a month was cut after she failed to attend an appointment at the Job Centre.

In the show, Sammi said she spends her cash on looking good and added: "How are you going to get a job if you don't look good? You have got to look alright as they won't give a job to a dosser."

However, while she said she would love to work, she has been unemployed for more than six years as she cares for her four children.

"My whole life revolves around hunting for the best offers and that is basically a full time job in itself," she told the cameras.

She said: 'I would love a job but I need one that fits in to being a mum. I am really wary who I leave my children with so it is really difficult for me. They are my number one priority.'

"I can spend five hours day running round all over trying to find a discount. I enjoy it. I should be a full-time bargain hunter. I am Pound Shop Barbie, the Pound Shop Queen. Bargain Barbie is on the prowl."

She responded to her critics after coming in for a barrage of abuse on Facebook by people upset by her lifestyle.

Michelle Stephenson wrote on Facebook: "When I moved to Doncaster last year I got a job within 2 months. And that is after not working for 2 years cos I was a full time carer. There is jobs out there people just don't want them cos u can sit on ur a** and £25k a year.

Dan Wray wrote:"Plenty of mothers with 4 kids work," while Stu McGrady posted: "She makes single mums look bad."

Laura Jayne Harrop wrote: "If your on benefit and get pregnant you shouldn't get payed (sic) for that child end of. Benefits are for people in need it's a joke I'm a mum of four and I manage to work part time and juggle childcare and after school clubs she should be made to volunteer somewhere."

Lesley Covel wrote: "I don't get 25k for sitting on my a*** n ooking good. Open ur chuffing eyes n get a job I managed it bringing up 3 kids as do thousands of hard working mums n dads!!!!! Makes my blood boil!!!!"

However, there were some supporters and Becca Manning wrote: "There's an awful lot of judgmental people out there! I wonder if all of you who seem to have something to say are as squeaky clean as your all making out you are! How about you bear in mind that the woman in this article can read this messages and does have feelings! But I guess that doesn't matter because all you have jobs!"