Doncaster animal rescue sanctuary forced to close after social media abuse

A Doncaster animal rescue sanctuary says it has been forced to close after a string of abuse on social media.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 4th June 2021, 12:12 pm

Doncaster-based Rooster Farm and Rescue said that it will be shut ‘until further notice’ and will not be rescuing any more animals after coming under attack on Facebook.

In a post on its Facebook page it said: “Good evening our beautiful rooster gang.

"Unfortunately after today and the abuse, it has come to our attention someone has given one of our addresses out.

Aaron has closed the rooster rescue after social media abuse.

"We have decided to shut till further notice.

"We are going to focus on the rescue animals we have here with us for a while.

"We won't be rescuing anymore animals for the time being – sorry.

"We run this rescue for the animals and when someone pipes up and makes it hard it really is a blow.

"We did not start this to get abused by certain people. We are not shut for good just got a couple things to sort out.

"We will be back bigger and better but for the time being we have shut our doors to the public and to any other animals.

"Sorry this has had to happen. We love our loyal supporters and we love the rescue and rehoming part just can't be dealing with the abuse anymore.

"We will see you in the future. This is good bye for now but not forever.”

The sanctuary began in 2019 and has rehomed thousands of chickens, roosters, ducks and turkeys

The sanctuary was run by duo Aaron and Jodie Kincaid.

In an interview last year, Aaron said: “We started the farm a year ago after a local sanctuary had to shut down, we wanted to step in.

“We started with just 200 birds but it has bloomed so much now we have thousands.

“We do it out of a passion for the animals - we make no money from it,” he continued.

“Any money raised goes directly into the farm.

“It can be really tiring, I have had days where I have fallen to my knees but it’s all worth it.”