Delivery driver saves the day for elderly Doncaster resident

Jackie Newton, a delivery driver with leading regional pharmacy chain, Weldricks, has come to the rescue of one of her regular customers after making a potentially life-saving call to the National Grid.

During her morning deliveries, Jackie visited the elderly lady’s home in Rossington to drop off her current medication. After chatting with the lady for a few minutes, Jackie noticed a strong odour of gas which her customer couldn’t actually smell.

“I advised the lady not to touch anything and immediately opened all the doors and windows in the house,” explains Jackie. “I then rang the National Grid and they sent someone out to rectify the problem that morning – they said we were very lucky and it was a good job we’d notified them when we did.”

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As Jackie later told her colleagues what had happened, they discovered this wasn’t the first time she’d done a good deed for this particular customer. On another occasion Jackie had spotted that the warming wheat bag the elderly lady had around her neck was damaged. So, she tracked down a brand new from a Weldricks branch nearby and bought it for her to use to replace the old one.

As a result of her deeds two of Jackie’s colleagues – Steve Dunstan, warehouse supervisor and Dale McVeigh, regional deputy superintendent pharmacist – awarded Jackie a £25 voucher as a small reward.

Commenting on Jackie’s actions, Richard Wells, superintendent pharmacist for Weldricks said: “We couldn’t be prouder of how Jackie handled the situation; she epitomises the local community spirit we hold so dear here at Weldricks. On behalf of all the directors here, I’d like to personally thank Jackie for going ‘above and beyond’ and truly exceeding the expectations of our home delivery customers.”